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Services & Solutions

Financial Planning

Do you need financial analysis to help you make better decisions?

Financial planning at Hapnel ranges from developing acomprehensive financial plan involving all aspects of one’s life, to a single financial decision or problem.

Here are a few examples of typical planning projects:

  • Retirement planning
  • Developing budgets to meet specific goals and creating a plan to build the required cash flow
  • Guidance in making important financial decisions such as financing a new home or business, negotiating employment or pre-nuptial agreements, etc.
  • Reviewing insurance coverage and risk
  • Tax planning and tax return preparation
  • Estate planning guidance
  • Investment Services

We work closely with our clients to design a customized portfolio utilizing our various investment programs.  The client’s investment plan will be tailored to his/her specific objectives, time horizon, tax and financial status, and risk tolerance.  Most clients invest in a combination of our programs.  Our proprietary investment strategies have preserved our clients’ wealth and grown their assets for over ten years.

Investment Management

eggAt Hapnel Capital Management, we connect with our clients in remarkable ways to create extraordinary relationships that simplify the demands of managing your wealth.

Hapnel Wealth Management service has been helping clients for over ten years. We offer a broad range of services including investment management and review, financial planning, tax planning, and tax preparation.

All of our work is done on a fee-only basis, which means that we sell no products nor receive any referral fees or commissions.

In addition to traditional asset allocation and investment plan design, we offer unique “wealth preservation” investment programs designed to achieve market-like returns with significantly lower risk. We believe that downside protection is as important as upside gains and have preserved tremendous capital for our clients, especially in difficult market environments.

Wealth Preservation

At Hapnel, we utilize active risk management techniques to achieve attractive returns at greatly reduced risk.  Wealth preservation is appropriate for investors who cannot afford or do not wish to accept the short-term risk associated with buy and hold investments, yet still want/need to experience growth in their portfolio.  These programs have three important objectives:  avoidance of significant market declines, performance in line with appropriate market benchmarks, and consistency of returns.  Wealth preservation is not expected to out-perform the market during major advances, but to be more stable in uncertain periods.

Tax Planning (Visit Us @ www.hapneltax.com)tax

A cornerstone of our practice is the development of personal and business tax strategies to meet current and future needs.

We provide a full range of tax planning services including:

  • Business formation, choice of entity, capital structure, accounting methods and year ends Interim tax planning to minimize tax liabilities and tax implications of financial decisions.
  • Representation of clients before the Internal Revenue Service and state taxing authorities Evaluation of tax implications of divorce or separation Assistance with obtaining tax-exempt status for not-for-profit entities, evaluation of “unrelated business” activities of tax exempt entities.
  • By maintaining a close working relationship with our clients, we can address all of the factors involved in maximizing available tax benefits before critical business or personal financial decisions are made.
  • We provide tax return preparation services complying with filing requirements for federal, state, multi-state and local taxation for corporations, partnerships, individuals, trusts, estates, pension plans, and not-for-profit organizations.